About Us

CosiHome offers:

- Eco friendly combustion  wood and pellet burning fireplaces (free standing or insert) throughout the Eastern Cape

Pizza Ovens and Boma Pit Fires

- Decking, Pergolas, Staircases and more

- Kitchens and cabinetry

- Lexan® ClearBar® security bars (PA & Grahamstown)


Closed combustion fireplaces are a cost effective and eco-friendly way to stay warm without having to put up with the smoke inside your home from a traditional open fireplace. Not only will you enjoy watching the way the flames dance behind the glass, but you will benefit from reducing your electricity costs. Slow burning combustion fireplaces burn up to 80% more efficiently than traditional open fireplaces. Our product offering includes Franco Belge, Godin, Calore (Piazzetta), Scan, Jotul, Infiniti and Keith Hamilton pottery (Boma pitfires and Pizza ovens). We are committed to providing our clients with an in-depth understanding of our product range which will enable you to make a well informed decision when selecting the correct fireplace to suit your needs and our trained installation team has the expertise and equipment to carry out quality installations. With the ever increasing demand for Eco-friendly heating systems, the range encompasses both wood log (some units also take anthracite) and automated wood pellet fireplaces which are both available as freestanding or built in units. Wood pellets are a bio fuel manufactured from compressed sawdust and wood waste sourced from the off cuts and waste wood from South Africa’s timber industry and alien vegetation. The source of wood used for the timber industry is from a sustainable forestry system, cultivated for the timber industry with a continuous replanting program.


The Godin cast iron foundry, situated North West of Paris, has been manufacturing cast iron stoves (many with clean-burn double combustion technology), cookers and other heating products since 1840, and has become one of Europe’s oldest and most respected companies.


Franco Belge’s 80 year history is synonymous with elegant period designs, European excellence and quality cast iron stoves. The stove range includes powerful wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and oil stoves.


Calore imports and distributes a stunning range of Italian fireplaces from Piazzetta of Italy. Piazzetta fireplaces are produced from the finest high end materials with a combination of expert craftsmanship and the latest in modern heating technology. These unique Italian designs are not only powerful and effective, but also breathtakingly beautiful.


Since the founding of Scan in 1978, Scan has always made 'heating furniture' of the highest quality. Simple, clean lines are the mark of good Danish design and this makes Scan one of the world's best-selling wood burning stoves.


Jøtul is one of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts and fireplaces. Building on a proud Norwegian heritage, they have combined fine craftsmanship with the art of coping with the cold for 160 years.


Lexan® ClearBar® security bars are by MultiSafe Security are transparent burglar bars, made from imported Lexan® polycarbonate, ISO 9001 approved for Military VIP protection, aircraft windows, Formula 1 cars, and other applications where safety and security are paramount. The material has a tensile breaking strength of 3000 kg's and is virtually indestructible, making it extremely safe in areas where parts may be exposed to impact.