KAMADO JAN - 4 sizes available 

KAMADO JAN (3 sizes)

  • The secret of the Kamado is the ceramic dome. The ceramic shell acts as an insulator to keep the natural oils and moisture in food for incredible juiciness and tenderness. You also get true wood fired flavour because our grills use 100% natural sustainable lump charcoal as a heat source. The shape also circulates heat for more uniform cooking. Now compare this to open grills that let heat escape and cook largely from below. They require more total heat to achieve the same temperature profile as a Kamado. This excessive heat robs moisture from your meat. The Kamado JAN keeps the heat in the grill and the moisture in the meat!

    The air controls of the Kamado JAN allow the user to accurately control and regulate the temperature thereby offering endless cooking possibilities and the accessories available also allow the user to cook in various styles which results in the ultimate culinary (braai) experience. The Kamado JAN grills allow you to bake, roast, sear, grill, smoke and even bake pizza with a simple adjustment of the air flow. The bottom line is that you can cook anything in the Kamado JAN ceramic grill.

    The ingenuous ceramic dome design gets the Kamado up to temperature and ready to cook in approximately 15 minutes; the average time it takes to heat up a gas grill . What’s more is that the Kamado is extremely economical to use giving you up to 14 hours of cooking heat from one load of charcoal.