Structure: enamelled steel, closed firebox
Firebox: in Aluker®
Fire pit: in cast iron
Opening: enamelled steel with self cleaning ceramic glass
resistant up to 750°C. Hinged door
Door handle: in enamelled steel hidden detachable
Primary air: manual
Secondary air: manual
Tertiary air: fixed and preheated
Flue outlet: top
Flue dumper: adjustable and automatic
Ash pan: removable
Fuel: wood
Heating: forced warm air through two front fans,
radiant and natural convection

Piazzetta IL Wood - Burning Inserts

  • Room heating capacity (min-max) m3 125- 215
    Nominal thermal efficiency % 78,1
    Rated heat output kW 7,5
    Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h 2
    Maximum heat output kW 8,5
    Maximum consumption Kg/h 2,5
    Flue outlet Ø cm 15
    Flue up to 4,5 mt Ø cm 18
    Flue over 4,5 mt Ø cm 15
    Fresh air intake (recomm. min sect.) cm2 100
    Weight Kg 110